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Reflexology 101 – 12 CE Units

Welcome to LUMINOUS YOU LLC and thank you for taking our class! We understand that everyone’s learning styles differ, and to accommodate we have made it easy for our students to both read and listen to the information presented in our classes. We hope this makes mastery of the material easier as well as make our classes available to a greater variety of students. We hope you enjoy!

In this lesson we will be focusing on defining and understanding the practice of reflexology. We will also examine the important distinction between massage therapy and reflexology. Finally, we will cover reflexology’s history, research findings, benefits, criticisms, its indications and contraindications.

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Module 1 Reflexology 101 Resource
Unit 1 Reflexology Class Resource
Module 2 Introduction to Reflexology
Unit 1 Reflexology Defined
Unit 2 Reflexology vs. Massage Therapy
Unit 3 Reflexology Tools
Unit 4 History of Reflexology
Module 3 Reflexology Treatment Areas
Unit 1 Feet
Unit 2 Hands
Unit 3 Ears
Module 4 Research Findings
Unit 1 Research Findings
Unit 2 Benefits and Indications
Unit 3 Contraindications
Unit 4 Concerns
Module 5 Closing
Unit 1 Extra
Unit 2 Concept Matching
Unit 3 Reflexology 101 Final Review
Module 6 Quiz
Unit 1 Reflexology 101 Final exam Disclaimer
Unit 2 Reflexology 101 Final exam